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Study Materials for Public Administration

Administrative Theory
  1. Characteristics of Public Administration

  2. Scope of Public Administration


  4. Wilson's vision for Public Administrative

  5. Liberalization and it Challenges for Public Administration

  6. World bank concept of Liberalization

  7. Privatization and its Challenges for Public Administration

  8. Globalization and its Challenges for Public Administration

  9. Good Governance

New Public Management and Administrative Thoughts
  1. Public Management & Scientific Management

  2. General Principle for Administration

  3. Weber's Bureaucratic Model

  4. Post Weberian development in Public Administration

  5. Human Relation School of Elton Mayo and Others

  6. Chester I Bernard's Functions of the Executive

  7. Decision making Theories

  8. Participative Management of Rensis Likert, Chris Argyris and D.Mcgregor

Accountability & Control
  1. Judicial, Executive and Legislative Administrative Controls

  2. Citizen and Administration

  3. Grievance Cells in Ministries

  4. Citizen's Charters

Development Dynamics of Public Administration
  1. Development Administration

  2. Anti-Development Thesis

  3. Bureaucracy & Development

  4. Strong State Vs market debate

  5. New Public Management Approach

  6. Setting benchmark for Service Delivery

  7. Women and Development

  8. Personal Administration

Evolution of Indian Administration
  1. Kautilya's Public Administration

  2. Mughal's Administration

  3. Legacy of British Administration

  4. British's Revenue, District and Local Administration

  5. Union Cabinet, Secretaries and Administrative Function

  6. Departments, Boards and Commissions

Civil Services
  1. Civil Services in the Constitution

  2. Values

  3. Disciplinary Actions

  4. Good Governance Initiatives in Civil Services

  5. Civil Services Activism

  6. Civil Services Neutrality

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