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LBSNAA Full Form

LBSNAA stands for Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. It is located in Mussoorie and is a top training center for Civil Services in India. Moreover, the head of LBSNAA is a director who is equivalent to a secretary to the Indian govt. Also, LBSNAA is an attached office of the Department of Personnel, Government of India. Also, all civil service officers get training at LBSNAA. In short, UPSC conducts a common exam for all services like IAS and IPS, and selected candidates train together for three months under a common foundation course. Later, they shift to different places according to their services. LBSNAA also holds workshops and seminars from time to time. All fitness and physical activities happen at weekends where the trainee goes for the trekking and much more. After the complete training, successful trainees get an M.A degree in Public Management.

Table of Contents

  1. Directors of Training Center LBSNAA

    • Location and activities
    • History - Training Center LBSNAA
    • Timeline of the developments of LBSNAA
    • LBSNAA Ideals - Training Center LBSNAA

  3. Facts

  4. Academy Song

  5. Training at Training Center LBSNAA
    • Foundation course
    • Bharat Darshan
    • Phase I
    • District training
    • Phase II
    • Assistant Secretary
    • Confirmation

  6. Facilities - Training Center LBSNAA

  7. Rules - Training Center LBSNAA

  8. Assessment of the Training

  9. Conclusion

  10. FAQ Regarding Training Centre LBSNAA

Directors of Training Center LBSNAA

Below is the list of directors who look over the activities at LBSNAA

The 1st director at LBSNAA was A.N. Jha. So in his memory, there is an A N Jha Plaza which happens to be the most visited spot in the academy. Further, Indian Civil Services was renamed as Indian Administrative Services after the British left. So, the first IAS officer as the director of LBSNAA was Rajeshwar Prasad. Furthermore, Dr. Sanjeev Chopra is the current serving director at LBSNAA.


LBSNAA is the dream destination of aspiring IAS officers. They are trained and taught public handling related matters. They also get involved in sports, dance, singing, etc. Let us further know more about this place.

Location and activities

The center is 6580 feet above the sea level and expanded widely. The Training Center LBSNAA spreads over 185 acres. Also, the center offers services like gym, tennis court, horse riding, etc. A day at LBSNAA starts at 6 AM because it will instill discipline and the training takes time. Also, an early start will help the future officers to make the most out of the academy during their stay.

History - Training Center LBSNAA

After clearing the tough UPSC exam, the candidates undergo a 2-year training process under LBSNAA. The concept of LBSNAA was built on the 15th of April 1958 when Home Minister announced that a training center would be set up for Civil Service Officers. On 1st September 1959, the training center was set up at Metcalfe House, where the first batch of officers was trained. However, the academy's name has been changed twice.

  • On October 1972, it became Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration.

  • On July 1973, it was renamed as Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA).

Timeline of the developments of LBSNAA

LBSNAA Ideals - Training Center LBSNAA


The training at LBSNAA started at Charleville Hotel in Mussoorie. It was the first hotel at this hill station. However, the property was later on bought by the government. Also, the training center LBSNAA's building was destroyed in a fire. Further, the first batch started at Metcalfe House in 1959. Later in September, the academy shifted to the Charleville hotel. Also, buildings kept on adding over the years. Start preparing for the exam if you want to enter this prestigious academy.

Academy Song

The Academy Song is a Bengali Song composed by Shri. Atul Prasad Sen, a successful lawyer, philanthropist, social worker, and educationist. The academy adopted the song during Rajeshwar Prasad's tenure (1973-1977). There have been changes in the song with due time. For instance, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi translations have been included. The song denotes the spirit of the Civil Services and is thus a constant inspiration for all the officers.

Training at Training Center LBSNAA

LBSNAA, your UPSC dreams come true. Above all, civil servants have to undergo training to develop discipline, fitness as well as enjoy as you learn. Training Center LBSNAA will fulfill your desires to get polished, physically fit, and serve the country. The personalities of the candidates are further molded here.
The total training period for the IAS after joining LBSNAA is 2 years.


Foundation course

Usually, this lasts from August to December. So, all the selected candidates of Grade A Central Services and All India Services in the CSE get an invite to join this foundation course. Later, trainees of different services go to their respective academies. For instance, IFS trainees go to the Foreign Services Institute in New Delhi and IPS trainees go to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), etc. The IAS trainees continue their training at LBSNAA.

Bharat Darshan

This is a study tour for IAS trainees. The country tour spans about 45–50 days in which trainees are taken to important parts of the country. They go to different PSUs, NGOs, Armed services, ULBs, etc. It is an essential part of the training as trainees get to meet various district administrations over the course.

Phase I

This phase is usually held in Feb-May. Phase I includes Core training of IAS trainees.

District training

In May, IAS get their respective postings in districts. They get to posted as Assistant Collectors and this lasts for about 11 months. This is the first practical experience as an IAS officer.

Phase II

The IAS officer trainees gather at Mussorie again for training for another 2 months.

Assistant Secretary

After Phase 2, all the officer trainees are posted in New Delhi under different Ministries as Assistant Secretaries. Besides learning, they get to experience live workings of the Central govt and center-state coordination.


The President of India appoints the successful officers as confirmation of service.

Facilities - Training

  • Teaching Facilities - Training center LBSNAA has very spacious and well-equipped classrooms. Further, it has 4 main buildings Karmashila, Dhruvshila, Gyanshila, and Aadharshila. Moreover, it has lecture halls, an officer mess, and a lounge too.

  • Accommodation - Firstly, officer trainees have to stay at the academy during the training. Secondly, there are 3 hostels Ganga, Kaveri, and Narmada. Moreover, all rooms at LBSNAA have central heating, phones, TV, and are double-occupancy rooms. In addition, the mid-career trainees stay at Silverwood, Happy valley, and Mahanadi executive hotel. The academy has a studio apartment too.

  • Horse-riding - Trainees who wish to indulge in this activity need to come to the ground with proper kits. Also, the breeches should be in beige color only.

  • Library - Popularly called Gandhi Smriti Library, it has over 1.65 lakhs books. 5000 CD/DVD and 38 newspapers.

  • IT Services - SARGAM, a training software that manages all activities held in LBSNAA.

  • Dispensary - Medically equipped training center LBSNAA has doctors and nurses too. From x-ray to dental care everything is available.

  • Officer Mess - The officer mess is within the academy. Moreover, this place is full of brotherhood and fraternity. Further, they are responsible for formal and informal get together.

  • Indira Bhavan Complex - It is a KM away from the training center LBSNAA and consists of extra facilities for classrooms, workshops, and conferences.

  • Facilities for PWD - The course teaches awareness about the welfare of PWD candidates. Also, there are elevators, ramps, restrooms, a different hostel, and room service, etc. that can be availed by the trainees.

Rules - Training Center LBSNAA

The IAS Probation Rules - These rules specify the probation period of the candidate in IAS. Also, a candidate is successful after completing probation. However, the trainees are under the disciplinary control of the director. Further, the following rules cover the training period pay -

  • Under rule 9, if he/she fails the re-examination

  • If the central government is satisfied that the candidate is not eligible for the service.

  • If the central government thinks that he/she willingly neglects studies.

  • Above all, if the candidate lacks the quality of mind and character required for the service.

IAS Probationer's final examination Regulations, 1955 - These rules deal with exams that are to be conducted during training. Moreover, the director has the right to decide the examination date, day, time, and venue.

Assessment of the Training

For the assessment of the training, the committees review and evaluate everything accordingly. Further, they also suggest the improvement of the training and much more.

  • Study group of UC Agrawal (1984) - LBSNNA re-evaluated the sandwich pattern in 1977 which was introduced in 1969. Moreover, it was reviewed by a study group under the chairmanship of UC Agrawal in 1986. Further, the study group emphasized problem-solving and creative thinking in administration.

  • Committee of Dr. S Ramesh, Shri P.K. Lahiri and Shri P.K. Patnaik (1996) - In addition, a study group of three IAS officers S. Ramesh, P.K Patnaik, and P.K Lahiri revised the training syllabus in 1996.

  • Surindernath Committee Report (2003) - The committee recommended that the annual performance appraisal report should be used as a tool to find out the training needs of future assignments.

  • Yugandhar Committee Report (2003) - The committee recommended that the annual performance appraisal report should be used as a tool to find out the training needs of future assignments.

  • The R.V.V. Ayyar Committee Report (2007) - R.V. Vaidhyanathan Ayyar committee was made in 2007 to review the IAS training syllabus. Further, he recommended many changes in the curriculum.

  • Dr. Y.K. Alagh Committee Report (2009) - The major changes in the Mid-Training program was recommended by the Alagh committee.

  • Evaluation Report of MCTP for IAS officers by NIAR (2010) - NIAR did an assessment on the MCTP course impact.

  • Kiran Aggarwal Committee Report (2014) - This committee found some key changes needed in the program and made the changes accordingly as well. Firstly, it emphasized to re-engineer the cadre allocation system. Secondly, information of cadre before the commencement of FC.


Life at the training center LBSNAA is really amazing because you come out a changed person. Moreover, officer trainees get to live some of the best moments of their entire lives. Further, LBSNAA fully trains and molds candidates according to their jobs. Above all, adventure, fun, and discipline is a part of the training. A mixture of all the three leads to the formation of a strong and polished officer.

FAQ Regarding Training Centre LBSNAA

1. Does the trainee gets paid during the training?
The trainee gets paid during the training period. Each trainee is allotted a sum of 45000 rupees. However, the amount of mess and other facilities is deducted from it. So, the final amount they receive is 38,500 rupees. This amount is sufficient for personal expenses like shopping or other misc. spending.

2. What are the facilities offered at training center LBSNAA?
From fully equipped classrooms to horse riding, LBSNNA covers everything. Also, the accommodation has a central heating system, tv, phone, etc. These rooms are as good as any high.

A.N. Jha
1 September 1959
30 September 1962
Rajeshwar Prasad
11 May 1973
11 April 1977
Dr. Sanjeev Chopra
1 January 2019
29th June 2015
Inauguration of Adharshila building.
21st June 2013
Inauguration of Brahmaputra building.
Buildings Gyanshila, Silverwood and Valley View were built.
14th October 1996
NSDART made Society under Societies Registration Act, now known as National Institute of Administrative Research (NIAR).
9th August 1996
Inauguration of Dhruvshila and Kalindi Guest House.
Softrain, now known as Publication Cell established.
3rd November 1992
Inauguration of Karamshila building.
National Society for Promotion of Development Administration, Research and Training (NSDART) established.
NICTU was established.
April 1985 till date
Academy functions under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions.
April 1977 to March 1985
Academy functions under Home Ministry.
July 1973
Name changed to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA).
October 1972
Name changed to Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration.
1st September 1970 to April 1977
Academy functions under Cabinet Secretariat Affairs Department.
Inception to 31st August 1970
Academy functions under Home Ministry.
1st September 1959
Academy shifted to Mussoorie at Charleville Hotel.
13th April 1959
Training of the first batch of officers (115 officers) commences in Metcalfe House
15th April 1958
Home Minister announcement in the Lok Sabha.
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