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Test No: 3

Subject: Geography

Division: Climatology (Physical Geography)

Topics: Monsoon


Indian monsoon’s increasing unpredictability calls for greater efficiency in rainwater storage and use? Is it so, Evaluate with Suitable example. (250 words)


Explain about the Dam Mismanagement played vital Role in recent flood, Critically Analyse about the recent flood which is due to main factor of dam mismanagement in India? (250 words)


Why break in monsoon occurs?, Elucidate what happens during break monsoon period  (250 words)


Explain about the ‘western disturbances’?  How it’s being originate? Discuss the impact of western disturbance in Indian Economy. Critically analyse western disturbances have been blamed for most of the freak weather events in India in the past decade? (250 words)


Why the arrival of frequency of the western disturbances has increased over the Indian subcontinent in recent years? (250 words)


Describe how the jet streams impacts the south west monsoon in India? (250 words)


Explain about Polar Vertex What do you understand by tropospheric and stratospheric polar vortex? What impacts happened in USA due to Polar Vertex? (250 words)


Critically Examine the Causes of El-Nino event And Its Impact on India’s Weather System. (250 words).


Analyse the Impact of La Nina and El Nino in various parts of the world? How its affects the world agriculture? (250 words)


Explain about the onset of Indian monsoon? (250 words)

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