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UPSC Previous Years Question Analysis

The UPSC Previous years question analysis is very important one for every Aspirants. Because it is very helpful for the preparation for new aspirants as well as old aspirants.  It guides which are the topics to be prepared first to score more marks in the examination. And also, it gives the confident for the aspirant who have not prepared well for particular topics and fearing to appear in the examination. 

Also we are launched the predictions for the UPSC Prelims Examination - 2020

UPSC Prelims Question Analysis

For the complete UPSC Prelims complete trends, you can find below chart. For the Subject wise Analysis for Prelims, please click the below button

Many a times, the IAS aspirants begin with preparing for the Exam in a hurry without paying much of the attention to the nature of the questions that might be asked in the Examination. However, understanding the type of the questions should be the first priority in order to prepare for the CSE in a logical manner.

As you begin to understand the Examination trend and the changes whenever there are any (and of whatever kind there are, be it the type or the pattern of question etc.), you would be preparing accordingly.

The very task of understanding various types of the questions (as described above) provides you with a brilliant opportunity of understanding various types of the question patterns as well. Just pay a thought to it. The very mechanism of answering the question papers from the previous years familiarizes you with the type of the questions that might be asked for each of the Papers including both the Prelims and the Mains.

Next, the process of answering the questions in a logically convincing manner would require you to analyze the same. UPSC does make use of tricky sentences. No wonder, even the seemingly simple questions are actually quite complicated to confuse the students.

UPSC Prelims Previous Years Questions An
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