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Strategy and approach for Civil Services Preliminary Examination!

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

1. Start with Confidence, do smart works until you got opportunity to serve the people as an Administrative officer.

2. Your preparation should be started in such a way that you should don’t have a doubt about clearing the examination. Keep it in mind “Yes I Can”.

3. Practice that do not listen failure stories of failed persons. Keep in mind that this is your last attempt. So you have to clear smartly.

4. Don’t lose hope at any cost, with the reason of vast syllabus, family reasons and etc.,

5. Keep your friend away, who de-motivates your preparation.

6. Select right materials, which short and sweet. Don’t read hundreds of material for few topics. Start with NCERT books, which construct your knowledge on basics.

7. Practice well the InKar IAS Academy’s Topic wise Tests, Mock Tests/Model Papers for cover entire syllabus, manage the time, varieties of the questions, your scores for each topics and a whole and can get an idea for which topic how much time you are taking to solve.

8. Continuous Practices gives you a better idea on which questions to attempt and which questions to leave.

9. Our explanation teaches you shortcuts for eliminate wrong answers, different complexity and time to understand a question in Preliminary Examination.

10. It gives the experience that you will not feel tensed or any sort of anxiety while you are going to attempt Prelims because you can feel like you are going to write another mock test.

11. We guide you the first important thing is that so many aspirants having a major doubt regarding Starting of preparation (where to start and with what subject we have to start first). Don’t’ Stuck Like this and waste your time in thinking.

12. Follow InKar IAS Academy’s ideas to clear your preliminary examination in your first attempt.

13. An important thing is the Syllabus and Previous Year Question Papers. Keep it your aside and mug up the whole syllabus and take test again and again.

14. The previous year question paper will provide you idea what to prepare and how to prepare, you can see and analyze what type of questions were being asked. Start to prepare from 2011 onwards since Prelims Changed from 2011.

15. Conceptualized Studies are very important. Don’t worry; we are there to guide you.

Aspirants start to understand the concepts for each of the subjects, the preparation for Prelims should be more or less being the Preparation of Mains as well. .

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