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UPSC Ethics Programme


UPSC GS-4 Ethics Programme

InKar provides you the Ethics course for special focus and special attention to score more marks in this paper. 

The Course consists of Mains-GS 4 topics. This course is available only on weekends.

It has three main Divisions,

  • Fundamentals of Ethics

  • Applied Ethics

  • Case Studies

Aspirants can choose the course on interested session. To know more about all batches and sessions.

Books & Materials

  • Books - 3 (Complete Syllabus Coverage)

  • INKAR's Ethics Joining Kit

Access Privilege

  • Online Study & Test Portal Account Access

  • INKAR's Library (Free)

  • INKAR's Study Center (Free)

  • INKAR's Network Access

UPSC Ethics Programme
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Ethics Sessions - 52

It includes Prelims GS paper and CSAT paper.

Entire Prelims Syllabus will be taken, except which are covered in the Mains Syllabus, with Books.

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