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January Art and Culture

1. Sangrai Dance


  • It is performed by the Mog tribal community on the occasion of Sangrai festival during the month of Chaitra (in April) of the Bengali calendar year. The day is celebrated to welcome the new year.

  • The Mog are the Arakanese descendants who live in the Indian state of Tripura.

  •  Mogs are Buddhists and have close affinity with Burmese Buddhism in all socio-cultural and religious aspects. They are dependent on Jhum Cultivation.

  • Their language is grouped under Tibeto-Chinese family which is also linked with Assam-Burmese section of language.

1.2. Battle Of Koregaon

  • It was the last of the Anglo-Maratha battle that took place on 1 January 1818 in Bhima, Koregaon between the troops of Maratha Ruler Baji Rao Peshwa II and the British East India Company (EIC).

  • In the battle the EIC represented by majority of Mahar soldiers successfully resisted Peshwa troops in which Peshwa lost 600 of his soldiers after which he withdrew and gave up plans to attack Pune.

  • British constructed a tower to commemorate victory with an inscription stating, “Accomplished one of the proudest triumphs of the British Army in the East.”

  • The Mahars celebrate this day as the day when they regained their former status of military glory.

  • Mahars are a caste cluster living maily in Maharashtra and adjoining states.

  • The Mahars, though untouchables, had been valued for their military skills for centuries and formed a significant portion of Shivaji’s army.

  • However under the Peshwas they were ill-treated and lost their military glory.

  • The Mahar were unified by B R Ambedkar, who urged them to militant political consciousness and to great educational improvement.

1.3. Medaram’s Jatara


About the Festival

  • It is held bi-annually in Medaram village, Telegana to honour the twin goddesses - Sammakka and her daughter Sarakka.

  • It is held by forest dwelling Koya Tribe of the region and is the biggest tribal festival in Asia attracting non-adivasis as well. 


Significance of National Tag

  •  Apart from getting recognition, national tag would also make Medaram eligible for central funds.

  • Once declared a national festival, Jatara can be considered for ‘intangible cultural heritage of humanity’ tag of UNESCO.

  • Union government had in 2015 declared Vanaj, a tribal dance and music festival, as national festival.

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